An exhibition venue since 1986, the Villa stands in a wonderful location in Annemasse in Montessuit Park, a recently renovated haven of greenery and a central place for activities and social interactions in the city. The Villa du Parc occupies a nineteenth-century bourgeois residence that has been specifically refitted to host art shows (350 m2 of exhibition surface). 
East and North facades of the villa du parc have been the subject of artistic specific commands, reflecting the artistic activity of the Villa in the park.
" Légers décalages " on the East façade (red ) was performed by the French artist Christophe Cuzin in 2006. It is a mural of the exact plan on scale 1 of the façade, tilted 15°, revealing by this slight offset the flat plane of the Villa. Making the façade plane the very purpose of the work, he plays on the correspondence between " illusion and reality, pictorial and architectural space, painted facade and reality of the facade. It offers a cheerful and mischievous look on painting in public space, representing the media itself of its intervention, by a play on color, light and spatial registration.
The North façade is the support of a work by the Swiss artist Didier Rittener inaugurated in 2014. This monumental drawing, handmade graphite pencil, represents an abstract set of geometric shapes put in perspective and taken from paintings of Kasimir Malevich, a founder of Modernist abstraction. Graphite, mixed with plaster facade, vibrates according to light and gradation of intensity devised by the artist, giving the façade a dancing and air speed.