Ingrid Luche
23.01.2021 to 02.05.2021

Ingrid Luche creates installations in which she reappropriates and intervenes in various elements (accessories, textiles, objects), which she chooses for their strong symbolic and memorial potential, being features of a diluted globalized syncretism. Clothing is in particular a space of representation and projection which she is especially drawn to. It defines affiliation or kinship indirectly, by implication, in terms of culture and identity, community and the contemporary world. La Villa du Parc’s veranda is an intermediary space of course, existing between inside and outside; there the artist has put together a large hanging assemblage titled Whileaway, a trashy pop altar made up of many fetishes (costume jewelry, sneakers, bags, ethnic motifs, etc.) representing symbols of a cheap global consumerism, which are covered in paint drips and runs, fluorescent and silver spray paint. Luche plays with the glittering “showcase” display, presented on a clothes rack yet outside any commercial context and isolated in a park. She projects her installation in a far-off place in our imaginations, which her title echoes. Whileaway is a sci-fi planet dreamed up in the 1970s by the American author Joanna Russ in The Female Man (1975).1

1-Joanna Russ, The Female Man, 1975 (en VF L’Autre Moitié de l’Homme)


Ingrid Luche (born in 1971  in Antibes) lives and works in Paris. 
She gets her Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression Plastique (DNSEP) in 1994 at Villa Arson in Nice. She teaches at Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Art in Bourges since 2010.
These last years, she took part in several collective shows, notably in 2020 at l’ahah#Griset in Paris, in 2019 at Le Lait art center in Albi and at Frac Franche-Comté in Besançon or in 2017 at Museum of Modern Art of the city of Paris.
She presented her works in numerous solo exhibitions in France and abroad. (Los Angeles, USA in 2018 and Gattineau, Canada in 2014).   
She is represented by gallery Air de Paris.
Garance Chabert
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Ingrid Luche, Whileaway, courtesy Air de Paris, Paris
Ingrid Luche, Whileaway, courtesy Air de Paris, Paris