PIERRE LEGUILLON (The Promise of the Screen, an "à la carte" franchise)

25.06.2015 to 20.09.2015
Created by Pierre Leguillon, La Promesse de l’écran (The Promise of the Screen) is a mobile installation that is as much the screening of a film as a performance. Starting with a preliminary definition—a 4/3 screen opening on a 16/9 bar—the project has been adapted to different forms since 2007 and experienced in a wide range of venues, making it possible to replay over and over the screening situation and its convivial collective character in a specific here and now. 

La Promesse de l’écran, an à la carte franchise, has been set up at the Villa du Parc for a year, giving one and all the opportunity to schedule a screening from the catalogue of Promises produced by Leguillon and bring together the audience that will take part in the event. Screenings can be devoted to typical aspects of the cinema, including credits, posters, recurring motifs, etc., or to ways of viewing film history through the representation of another medium, whether poetry, architecture, photography, or other. A Promesse est également spécialement dédiée aux enfants.
based on an idea from Pierre Leguillon
franchise to Garance Chabert & Aurélien Mole
exhibition coordination : Michel Delajoud
coordination : Aurélie Jacquet
habillage : Clovis Duran
check in : Isa Meunier-Fleury
accueil : Priscilla Corda

For the program, inquire at the Villa.
7pm. 7 euros; reduced admission 5 euros (students and Villa/Mamco members) .
Seating limited, reservation required by e-mail ou by phone +33 450 388 461.

"La promesse de l'écran" (The Promise of the Screen) enjoys the generous support of la caisse d'épargne rhône-alpes and les caves de Borly


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"La Promesse de l'écran", Pierre Leguillon. Vue de l'exposition, photo Aurélien Mole
"La Promesse de l'écran", Pierre Leguillon. Vue de l'exposition, photo Aurélien Mole