Clément Rodzielski
18.10.2014 to 20.12.2014
Chemin vert (Green Path) is a night stroll in Paris, with the artist Clément Rodzielski pointing out the scraps of paper left on the ground or on the threshold of department stores displaying mannequins that turn their backs on us. Can of spray paint in hand, he covers these fleeting signs in white directly on the asphalt, then returns during the day to photograph whatever remains of his early-morning gesture: an impression, a frame.
Chemin vert is next the upending of these street images onto the walls of the Villa du Parc, photographs of paintings that are always divided between two things and take the place of supports for images that have arisen from the depths of the computer.
Chemin vert is also functional paint that served to cover the floor at the Villa du Parc and which the artist has now stretched on the walls.
Chemin vert crosses rue de la Roquette as well as various old scars. Chemin vert is thus a story of the floor being set upright, of paint which people both walk on and contemplate at the same time.
Clément Rodzielski works in collage but counter to the demonstrative and figurative use that traditionally defines the technique. Whereas practitioners of collage usually play on the semantic power of images, Rodzielski operates in the background as it were, eliminating the motif by cutting it out or covering it over, underscoring certain aspects of the support with paint and bringing another dimension of the image to light, namely its texture, physical resistance to time, its negative imprint, etc. 

Courtesy the Chantal Crousel gallery


Garance Chabert
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Clément Rodzielski, série "Sans-titre", 2007-14. Photo Aurélien Mole
Clément Rodzielski, série "Sans-titre", 2007-14. Photo Aurélien Mole